Monday 28 March 2016

Creating Wealth Through Your Research Work

Writing a research project is not an easy venture, hence it should be rewarding right? People always argue that Nigeria is not a country where things like projects sell, after all who gives a crap about what you write? Even the organization and people used as case studies do not even care. Now such mentalities are are similar to those producing negatives in a dark room. you have to start thinking outside the box, and appreciate the value of your work.

Writing a good project should not only make you graduate from your school. The content alone should magnet a lot of money into your pocket. Lets come to think of it like this: you identified a problem in your society, chose a great caption or topic for it, and solved that problem through your findings and recommendations. Isn't that great enough to make your phone battery to die off because of bank alerts?

If you are still doubting about the possibilities of that small project work generating cash for you, here are some fun facts you must know:

There are over 140 million websites in this world.
Over 20 Million Nigerians access the Internet every day.
Out of this 20 Million, majority are students in Universities, Colleges of education, and Polytechnics searching for your topic. Why?
No idea on how to go about it.

Now assuming you had a sample of your project on the internet with your phone number or email address, who will be the boss now? Many students are looking for some sort of guide to help them develop their own research work, literature review and study background, but can not find some. So why not help them out and make some cool cash. Since our organizations do not buy our project work after researching for them, I think it is better we help distribute our materials to our brothers and sisters coming up. If you are a philanthropist, you can still give it out for free! its all counts down to how badly you need the money. In this article I am going to give out some tips on how you can make so much money with your project work, instead of being ideal at home waiting for government work.

Before you start making money online through your project work you must have the following:

Your well written project work in MS Word or PDF format.
A laptop or a good phone that can help you access the internet.
An active email address.
A good bank account (Western Union options for international clients)

Good to go? Once you have all these things listed above, you now start the actual work. To do the actual work follow these steps:

Open a different MS Word document
Copy your abstract or just your chapter 1 to this new document you just opened.
Put your contact details (like your phone number or email address) on the document.
Save your new document with title such as 'sample' to differentiate it from your full content.
Open an account with google, then create a new blog with your name or the title of your project work.
In the post section of your new blog, copy your abstract and chapter 1 and paste on blog interface.

These steps I mentioned above will give your project work adequate exposure to every search engine on the net, making it easy for students searching materials on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to easily locate your work. once they are redirected to your blog, they are glad they have seen a material or related material on their topic. Its gets more mouth watering if the content is good but just limited to only abstract or chapter 1. At this point they are ready to pay you for your material! isn't it easy?

Other methods are by joining large research communities and forums online. This is another fast and effective way of selling your research work. Every member can view your work as well as search engines. Other platforms that can help you make some cool cash from your work are:

Just visit these great sites. Create an account and upload your samples. Your life may never remain the same again. Remember many organizations and people are looking for your topic.You have not just realized that yet!

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